About away3d openfl

  1. In as3 primitive like cube can addchild md2 as collider, how about haxe , look like not working

  2. prefab3d can export as class file, can haxe make use of it ?

  3. I use flex together with away3d to make android apk, navigator.pushview to change view, is it possible in haxe ?

I hope I am understanding your situation correctly. It seems you are trying to migrate from some older technology.

  1. I am guessing by mentioning a collider that you need a physics engine. I posted a list of Haxe physics engines here. While there is Away3D example code for MD2, I think you would have a better workflow if you use a different file format such as DAE (what I use) or 3DS or possibly FBX which is also used by Heaps3D for Haxe.
  2. Because Prefab3d has been dead for over 10 years, it may be best to export the models into a more versatile format such as OBJ and then convert to one of the formats I mentioned above. I believe Prefab3D can export OBJ.
  3. I have not used Flex myself but I found this article about migrating from Flex to HaxeUI which may interest you: Porting our BI Analytics Platform from Flex to Haxe/HTML5 - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit. HaxeUI is actively developed, so it may work well in your situation.

I hope that helps!

Flex has not been ported from AS3 to Haxe.

However, you might consider using Feathers UI for this navigation. The StackNavigator component should be very similar, for your purposes.