A Wiki site for OpenFL

I have decided to go ahead and create an OpenFL wiki site using wikia to make it easier to organise the more “unofficial” tutorials for OpenFL.

There are two main ways in which you can contribute. You can contribute to the Tutorials section, which is specifically for OpenFL-specific code and explaining how to use its APIs, nothing more than that. Using fancy tricks to make things easier is what the other category is for - Make your life easier (MYLE for short).

The aim of MYLE’s is to allow people to create their tutorials with the freedom of their own style in mind, while the basic tutorials are designed purely to aid beginners to get to know OpenFL and its APIs.

Contributions are highly encouraged, but if I notice abuse, I may have to start locking pages, which is the last thing I want to do. If you disagree with a change or what already exists, and you are not 100% positive that you know what you are talking about, make a comment on the relevant wiki page and don’t edit it.

If you would like to suggest improvements, please let me know either here or on the wiki itself.

Thank you all for any potential contributions and also your patience as this wiki develops. I have not done much yet, but I do intend to keep going, as I’m having a surpising amount of fun creating this! But for now, I need sleep because I did an all-nighter just writing wiki’s :confused:

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Actually I didn’t know that you created Wiki. It would be better to add a link to this wiki in openfl.org, so that new users and potential contributors can reach there easily.