A game I'm working on "Starminer"


Here’s a link to a video of me playing a game I’m expecting to release soon.


I’m going to release it for iOS first, but it’s currently working on Mac, Linux, hopefully Windows, although I don’t really have a way to test it on Windows.
I haven’t been able to test it on Android either, but on the emulator it seems there’s some problem loading the resources as no images show up on the screen.
The video was recorded using the flash version, which I use for quickly testing, but don’t intend to release for.


rly nice game,
for me it looks like it should be targeted on mobile devices, I would like to play on my android.

How do You make this color line glow?


Initially I was using a GlowFilter, which worked well on desktop platforms and flash, but the performance on mobile was really bad, so in the end I ended up having the glows as part os the sprites. I’m thinking of using shaders for similar effects on my next project, but I still have to look into how that works, and how it the support for it in OpenFL.

The game is going to be first released on mobile, iOS devices. I’ve tried compiling to Android successfully, but I’m having trouble with assets not showing in the Android emulator, I suspect that the problem will not happen on real devices, I’ll have to try that at some point.

if You publish game on android I will be glad to test it.
and also I have this problem with no assets on android, so if You figure it out. please share the solution