3d tutorials are welcomed

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a 3d platform(sorry if platform isn’t the correct word) to use and tutorial on how to use it.

I have seen:
a) away3d - I went to their site and it was some Actionscript instead of haxe
b) box2d - I didn’t really got that one
c) h3d - It gives me issues on many classes, I think I am missing some dependancies.

For now as I am just learning how to use openfl, I want to make a cubic box with and camera turning around it.

Any idea,links…resource is welcomed, thanks in advance.

Maybe you mean “3D Engine”?
Box2D is only a physics engine.

There are 3D engines for Haxe.

In OpenFL and Lime, you can use “GLView” to write any OpenGL code you want, including a rotating 3D cube render.
You can start with the Nehe tutoriolas to learn OpenGL http://nehe.gamedev.net/tutorial/lessons_01__05/22004/
It would be cool if they are ported to Haxe (Lime or OpenFL).

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Here is the link for Away3D
You should run haxelib install away3d to install the lib.

You have openfl sample SimpleOpenGLView to see how to call OpenGL

This might also be helpful: https://github.com/away3d/away3d-examples-openfl