3D Flip effect (Flash, 3D rotation, blur)

Using Matrix3D in AS3 makes the object it is applied to blurry (this is a known problem).

There are some tricks, though, to fix this.
For example, there is a tutorial about removing blur from rotated bitmaps: http://www.flashandmath.com/flashcs4/blursol/blursol2.html. The trick is in scaling the blurred image and then setting its z to 0.


Unfortunately, I can’t achieve this with OpenFL. My objects remain blurry.
Is this a known problem, or could it be that I am missing something in my code?

Sorry for upping this, I’ll change my question.
Can I simulate a 3D flip effect with OpenFL, even if it has blur?

I’ve used rotateX and rotateY before, and this works fine, but only in Flash target. HTML5 canvas doesn’t have any 3D API.