3.0 Beta build failing even on legacy


I accidentally updated to OpenFL 3 beta and now my HaxeFlixel-based game can’t be built anymore.

Regardles if I try: openfl test flash -Dlegacy or just openfl test flash, I get the following error:

sh: haxe -main ApplicationMain -cp /usr/lib/haxe/lib/flixel/3,3,7 -D flixel=3.3.7 -cp /usr/lib/haxe/lib/openfl/3,0,0-beta,2 -D openfl=3.0.0-beta.2 -cp /usr/lib/haxe/lib/lime/2,2,2 -D lime=2.2.2 -cp /usr/lib/haxe/lib/actuate/1,8,3 -D actuate=1.8.3 -cp /usr/lib/haxe/lib/swf/1,8,2 -D swf=1.8.2 -cp /usr/lib/haxe/lib/format/3,1,2 -D format=3.1.2 -cp source -D openfl-next -D tools=2.2.2 -D v2 -D flash-use-stage -D no-compilation -D openfl-flash -D FLX_RENDER_BLIT -D web format.swf.SWFLibrary -swf-lib export/flash/obj/assets.swf -swf-version 11.8 -swf export/flash/bin/isengard.swf -cp export/flash/haxe -debug: No such file or directory

I’m not entirely sure, but I guess the “No such file or directory” error is when it tries to cp the final binary. So the binary creatiion seems to be failing somewhere.

You can switch between versions of libraries like this:

haxelib set openfl 2.2.8

This is extemely good to know. Thank you!

This should be resolved in Lime 2.3, it worked differently when compiled with Haxe 3.2 (updated our servers)

Lime 2.3 is out now :wink:

Thanks a lot! My deadline is tomorrow though, so I think I’m fine with the old libs for the time being :stuck_out_tongue: