2048 3 in 1: Hope You Enjoy it!

Hi everybody, I want to thank you all for this great place to share and talk about our projects.

I am starting my career as game developer and I decided to share it with all of you. I have finished my second game fully done with OpenFl, StablexUI, actuate, extension-admob and extension-googleplaygames.
I couldn’t do this game without all of you, specially thanks to Joshua, Player03, fBricker, RealyUniqueName and lots of others who showed me the way to get here even when we don’t know each other :slight_smile:

I hope you already know 2048 game because it’s a great game about creating high numbers but now you have three different boards where you can prove you are the best at it.

Suggestions are welcome and don’t forget to ENJOY!!! :wink: