Getting io.Bytes "OutsideBounds" in Font.renderGlyph()


Hi, I am returning to a Lime project after quite a long time, getting back up to speed with everything. I figured I would start by getting the latest from haxelib (7.0.0) and trying to get the project up and running again.

For right now, I’m on Windows, though I used to have my project running on Android and Linux as well.

After some minor mechanical changes, I’ve found that my app crashes when trying to render its first glyph from a TTF that I load through Assets. It seems to load the TTF okay in that the Font object returns a name and a reasonable-looking height property. But when I render the first glyph, ‘W’ in this case, it gives me:

Called from lime.text.Font::renderGlyph lime/text/Font.hx line 240
Called from haxe/io/Bytes.hx line 139

It calls NativeCFFI.lime_font_render_glyph(), which returns true, but then the bytes array seems to have nothing in it. I might suspect the file, but it used to load, and Windows is also okay with it.

Any thoughts?