Wrong screen size on Android after deactivation of app

When we start this app we have normal size (after two RESIZE events). Then we deactivate our app. And then we activate it again - but the app height is wrong (see the link below).

I tested it on Sony Z3+ Dual, Android 6.0.1, Haxe 3.2.1, Lime 3.2.1, OpenFL 4.2.0.

I’ve read several topics about similar problems and I’ve not solved my problem yet.

I wonder if one of these SDL fixes would impact the behavior?

This is an SDL issue, but they may have already fixed it

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It looks like you are right)

I’m having some similar problem. When opening the app I’m not always getting the same height.
Any idea if this going to be fixed soon? or if this is working right on previous version? (we are trying to move out from legacy)


We are discussing it here: