Win C++ EXE compiles fine, but has dependencies!

Hey there, I excitedly got Box2D TestBed running and make a working EXE file! I got excited and sent it to another person on my team. And he wasn’t able to open it

He got this error:

Could not load module [email protected]_new_options__2

I read in some forums it has to do with something called


I guess these are libs / dlls that must be included in the final compiled exe otherwise it will only work if he has haxe installed or something.

How do I do a full compile that includes all necessary libraries for windows c++ export?

thanks a million!

I’m using FlashDevelop on PC btw

You need to send everything in the Export/windows/cpp/bin folder, not just the EXE file.

That did fix it. And the thing does run good, until I switch apps. The it comes crashing to a hault crashing whatever computer is running it. Gnarly

Compile in debug mode (lime test windows -debug if you’re compiling from the command line), and it may give you more details about the crash.

If you suspect this is a null pointer error, try adding the haxedefs HXCPP_CHECK_POINTER and HXCPP_STACK_LINE (as described here).