Why SimpleButton recieves two click events if user click on the text

Hello, I have created a button symbol in Adobe Animate, the button has a text label on it.
then I exported the swf file and imported it in FlashDevelop
when I export and run to HTML5 everything works fine, the button behaves correctly when mouse over and down
I added an event lister to button to listens to Mouse clicks,
however if I click the button above the text, the listener is called twice, if I click the button anywhere else it calls the event only one time.

any idea why this is happening?

Ok I found the problem and solved it.

I added event.stopPropagation(); to stop the event from being called again.

Thank you! I was able to reproduce your problem, and just fixed it in GIT. Should go out in our next release :wink:

oh thank you for the fix. good to hear