What would you like to see to make OpenFL easier for you?

As the question suggests, I would like to know what the OpenFL community would like to see to make this library easier for you. I am looking for alternatives to do while I rethink my life and continue pondering about what may become something that people would be genuinely interested in.

In order to help with that, I would like you to help me come up with something that may help you to develop video games using OpenFL. I am not really a video game developer, and as far as RPGFL (my video tutorial series for OpenFL) is concerned this sums up how much hope I have for that project.

However, in terms of an editor, or anything that may speed up the development of OpenFL with regards to existing products, what would you like to see that is different, unique and something that you would use in making OpenFL games?

I’d like to see a fully functional editor that’s as intuitive and integrated as FlashDevelop but works across all platforms. I know there are efforts but they are very young at the moment and not very feature rich.

Mmm… I was thinking that, but the problem is the lack of libraries with the exception of wxWidgets, of which I would need to learn. The idea behind mine that I was thinking of starting was to integrate the stderr and stdout of the hxcpp as you debugged, set breakpoints, change variables on-the-fly, and profile your application.

Of course, there is also hxProfiler, so that’s also something to consider using as well. Scintilla would have to be the editor, and I believe wxWidgets actually comes with it which is a bonus.

I suppose one of the biggest features for any of these editors would be templates. The ability to extend the editor with interfaces in aiding develop a specific solution, for example a website using Neko or ufront, or a game using OpenFL. Certainly something to think about.

If I were to go ahead and make such an editor, I may provide it on a Pay-What-You-Want basis.

Things to think about, certainly. If Waxe was better, I would use it. For now, I’m going to continue implementing my own more complete version of Haxe and wxWidgets.

Dont forget there is hxScout ( http://hxscout.com ) which is great for profiling. An IDE is a great idea, but a massive amount of work, and hard to “get right” in terms of whats already out there.

That’s what I meant when I mentioned hxProfiler, I actually meant to say hxScout I obviously didn’t remember the name. And yes, I do realise it is a massive undertaking and my attention span can only last so long to the point of giving up. But I do want something to do while I’m jobless.

hxprofiler would be great, plus an advanced code view similar to that of FlashDevelop, VisualStudio and IntelliJ, and is backward compatible with libraries on haxe and openfl.