What is the exact java download I have to install for HaxeDevelop/FlashDevelop to work properly

I am trying not to bork a new windows 10 machine install of OpenFL, can someone please take the doubt out of the equation and post a link please. :slight_smile: Been reading some confusing stuff about it and am now in doubt.

Does HaxeDevelop need Java? I thought it used .NET…

In any case, you’ll want Java SE 8 for Android development. The exact version shouldn’t make much difference, so go ahead and get the latest stable release.

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Thanks, that’s what I needed to know.
On the install process in HaxeDevelop it says you should have 32-bit Java Runtime (1.6 or later) before installing HaxeDevelop.

I use the 64-bit version anyway – I think the Adobe tools for AS3 used to work only for 32-bit Java, can’t speak for them nowadays, but I don’t compile AS3

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I ended up having to install a 1.6-ish 32 bit version so that as3 debug would work with HaxeDevelop 32, will have to look into what to install come need for android compilation on that machine. Good to know I can use the latest 64 bit version Java SE when the time comes to compile something for android. Thank you for your help.
Everything is working as it should now.