Warnings "could not find template file.." appear when building project for ios

When i try build project for ios, several warnings appear: “could not find template file…” and then the error “xcodebuild: error: The directory [some project]/Export/ios does not contain an Xcode project”. This appears in case of sample projects too. When i tried to build this project on windows-computer at least xcode-project has been created. How can it be fixed?

Is everything up-to-date? Does haxelib path lime work correctly?

I’ve just tried to build project with latest versions of libraries, and sample projects work fine. But i have to use outdated libraries because current versions don’t work with some native-extensions. I don’t remember exactly version of libraries that build my project well on machine with windows. I will try build again when I know it

If current versions don’t work for extensions, check if you used -Dlegacy to build, I’d be surprised if that was incompatible

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-Dlegacy has solved the problem with extensions. Thanks.

I can use -Dlegacy only from command-line. I tried to use <haxeflag name="-D" value="legacy" /> and <haxedef name="legacy" /> in .xml, but to no avail. What should i do to make this worked from IDE?

It’s <set name="openfl-legacy", and be sure to put it before <haxelib name="openfl" />.

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