Visual Studio 2015

Hi, I’ve just fresh installed Windows 10 and have Visual Studio 15 installed. What do I need to set in my hxcpp config file to get it to find this? If I run openfl setup windows it just wants to install an older version. Is there a way to point it at 15 or do I just have to install the older version?

You can manually modify your .hxcpp_config.xml.

In the section <section id="exes"> you need to specify the paths to the 3 entries.
There is an example for each.
Hopefully the paths in vs15 aren’t too different.

Add this in hxcpp/toolchain/msvc-setup.bat

HXCPP should pick up the newest one, openfl setup is just there to help install a copy of VS C++ Express, but doesn’t define what version is used

Make sure you install Win32 C++ files, some of the new versions exclude it by default

Thanks everyone. @sea_jackal’s answer works perfectly.

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