Type not found : Navigator?

Hi, I’m working on a project to target flash and html5. Currently the flash output is ok, but I recently an error started on html5:

Type not found : Navigator

When I try to look after this error, I see it is raised at the Haxe’s js.html.Window class. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? I’m using the following software versins. They are working for other projects and were workng for this one until recently (but I don’t know what caused the change).

haxe 3.4.0
openfl 4.5.2
lime 3.5.2
actuate 1.8.7

Sounds like this problem :frowning:

That was exactly the problem. Installing Haxe again solved it. Thank you a lot!

Any guesses to why it could have happened?

Don’t know for sure, but the situation fits what was said on the link you sent: it affects only js target and it is related to an internal haxe library. I’m using flahsdevelop as desxribed and I believe I had some software crashes while building the project before the problem appears.