Trying to update Android AIR game with OpenFL game

I am duplicating an archived topic from here:

Instead of trying to convert the Adobe AIR certificate, perhaps there is some way we could support more signing formats. I’m guessing that (somehow!) they must be using the p12 in order to sign for the Android market.

Does any of this information seem helpful?

I don’t understand these OpenFL forums… Why was my topic archived? Why duplicate it here? Is this a different forum? Why did I need to create a new account?


I’ve actually just solved the problem, by deleting the certificate from the new apk, and signing it again, with the jks file I created by converting the p12. The problem was not in the jks file after all, it had something to do with the way the app was signed when the apk is created.

Sorry about the confusion!

We did just change to a new forum, it is a totally different system, but one I hope will be much more robust and flexible for our needs. The past forums didn’t support private messages, did not make it simple to find old posts on search engines or browsing through, and many other things that eventually piled up.

There was also no way to export data from the past forums, unfortunately, so that’s why I duplicated here to write a response :slight_smile: