Tinting on HTML5


So, I am trying to go from Flash to HTML5with my game.
It is working fine, but for a few details.
One of them is tinting my sprites.

I tried to set the colorTranform for the sprite, which works in Flash but not the rest, and TILE_RGB, which works for native but not the rest.

So, nothing works for HTML5?

In order to apply tinting in HTML5, we would need to keep another canvas element and apply the affect there. For performance reasons, I decided not to support it at this time, I’m not immediately sure of a good solution right now

You can, however, do bitmapData.draw and bitmapData.colorTransform, that is supported and is fundamentally what you need to do in canvas to tint – convert to pixels and tint each manually.

Thank you for your answer.
My game is a match 3 with quiet a bit of animations. That would mean 6 big tilesheets instead of one… but it seams I don’t have a choice.
Unless I could work out something with blendmodes, are they supported in HTML5?

There’s a couple of blendmodes working on webgl,
lime build html5 -Dwebgl
maybe worth trying.

Mr. SingMajesty, as I understand, on html5 target I can only apply tint (colorTransform) to bitmap objects, even if I use Tilesheet renderer? So TILE_RGB doesn’t work there?