TextfieldAutoSize not working with html5 target?


I’m using textfield.autosize in a project targeting flash and html5 :

var txt:TextField = new TextField();
txt.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
txt.border = true;
txt.text = "Hello world";

No problem with flash but html5 target does not seem to make the resize correctly :

(flash on top and html5 in bottom)

Any idea ?

Thank you



See here:



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Great! I replace the file and it works as expected.
Is there another way to obtain the fix until we have a new version available in haxelib? (I just arrived from Actionscript)
Use the git as library ?

Thank you.


You could use a development version of Lime and/or OpenFL, but I’m going to make a release, probably, today, so that might help too :slight_smile: