TextField Update

Simple question: Any news on TextField’s since the last time it was a big topic of discussion?

The last time I can remember was when we were planning creating test samples, which has not yet been done. It’s been roughly five months, almost half a year, since I had made a pull request for implementing setTextFormat, and over a month since the last pull request for the TextField in general.

If you look at the Improving TextField’s milestone, there is a big page of pull requests/issues going back almost two years. I suspect those two years old are not worth looking at anymore, but I wouldn’t rule that immediately without looking at them myself.

I’m rather skeptical considering the pull requests have gone largely ignored over the last month, because of a lack of response from maintainers since the last pull request was made.

On May 1st (roughly three months ago), this pull request was made to do functional testing, I believe towards TextFields.

The only commit I remember related to TextField’s was this one in June, which was two months ago.

Can we please get an update on this progress?


As you know – there are a lot of funny behaviors in TextField. Small innocent changes could make performance or accuracy dive quite easily, so I am worried about making changes without spending enough time to understand (and test) the consequences. This has not been happening

What we need are more unit tests and other things to validate our current behavior so we can avoid regressions and accept more pull requests with piece of mind.

I noticed there were a bunch of tests that already existed in OpenFL, up to 3.6.1. Whatever happened to those?

It’s here, we need more :slight_smile:


Sorry for the huge delay in responses–so is the only thing that needs to be done is pick up where that test left off? I wanna start trying to do this but I want to make sure I have a clear view of the problem / the work that needs to be done to solve it

Yeah, we basically need more tests to confirm different behaviors of TextField so we know when we break something

Slack would be a good place to chat if you want to talk more

yeah sure. is there a slack you use or do you want to start a new one?

Try this: