Text in 3.0 native targets

Since upgrading to the new beta, I’ve lost all my text fields on native targets. They work fine on Flash. They were mainly for debugging and just used default fonts. One of them was the an FPS object provided by OpenFL. Do I need to assign a default font to get them back or is this a bug?

I think it is a bug. I’m experiencing the same. (have to make some test to reproduce it in the easiest situation possible to debug)

OpenFL 3beta still has some stuff to be fixed as you can see from github issues

Anyway remember that you can still work with the stable OpenFL 2.

Just add -Dlegacy or -Dv2 to your lime/openfl command


lime test neko -Dlegacy

Embedded fonts work, support for _sans, “arial.ttf” and “absolute/path/to/arial.ttf” are fixed on the repo, releasing soon

I’ve updated to the latest git for OpenFL and Lime. The text in the FPS appears now but disappears after about 5 seconds. My other text fields (with the default font) are not appearing at all. Am I missing something?

Does “AddingText” work?

Adding text works until I change the font to _sans like the FPS uses - then the text doesn’t show at all. Is _sans supposed to be a default font?

It should, I believe this works on the GIT versions

This has been released :slight_smile: