Swf lib not needed anymore?

So is the swf library now merged into openfl? If i remove the swf lib from my project.xml it complains that swf.formats… etc is not found. And this is with openfl 4.5.0 and lime 3.5.0… Am i missing something here?

Yes, SWF (SWFLite) is merged. Are you using SWF class types directly in your code?

You should be able to just use MovieClip, etc

Yes im referencing format.swf.instance.DynamicText because i check the type of instance on the stage, in certain cases this is what the actual type was. This worked fine with the swf lib, however now since this is removed, will textfields in swf’s always be Textfield, even if dynamic?

It will be openfl.text.TextField now, static text is exported in SWF as openfl.display.Shape instances :slight_smile:

So is http://www.openfl.org/learn/tutorials/using-swf-assets/ now obsolete?

After I updated to test things out, I get “Null Object Reference” when I do things like this:


<lib path="assets/library.swf" rename="library" type="swf" preload="true" generate="true" />


var testing = Assets.getMovieClip("library:test_mc");

:slight_smile: any example how you are supposed to do this now, please? (I’ve already tried few things and I dont get it how it’s done now)