String should be Int


this line return a compiler error

this.obj[this.prop] = this._position = p;

characters 9-18 : String should be Int


I would not do multi assignments on one line.
Not only is it annoying to debug but you also depend on the compiler on how he resolves that.

Not even sure if there was a question asked by you,
but this.prop should be an int value and it isnt.

It’s an Adobe class, it’s as3hx result, not my code.

If you convert code with as3hx see the result as a “best guess”.
Some stuff just cant be automatically translated and needs to be done by hand.

This is because [] is presumed to be an array index, which requires an integer. In order to do field look-ups, you will want the Reflect API

this.__position = p;
Reflect.setProperty (this.obj, this.prop, p);