Starling + HxScout crash

Hi, I’ve been trying to monitor my game using HxScout : it compiles and runs fine with telemetry but if I launch HxScout and then launch my game it crashes immediately (HxScout records 2 frames)

My game uses Starling and quite a few other libs (dragonbones, stablexui, crashdumper…) so in order to identify the problem I tried with the starling demo which only uses starling and openfl.

Starling Demo compiles and runs fine with telemetry enabled, but when HxScout is running the demo crashes as soon as I roll over the demo. As long as I keep my mouse out there’s no problem.

This is on windows. Tried again with the very latest starling from github with the same result. OpenFL version is 7.1.2

Does anyone manage to have HxScout working with a starling c++ app ? Is this a known issue (seems not) ?

Also those are hard crashes, not sure how you call that : there’s a windows error message stating something like “this application stopped functionning” (my windows is french). I use crashdumper in my game and no error report is recorded or sent.

You could try to see if it still reproduces with one of the projects from openfl-samples - if it does, you already know it’s not a Starling-specific issue. I’m assuming there’s similar sample projects for Starling you could try as well.

You’re right : I tried the bunnymark openfl sample since that post (my computer takes more than an hour to compile to windows target from scratch) and there’s no problem with it.

Sorry I was unclear : the starling demo I talk about is a starling sample project : the one with several buttons demonstrating starling features.

I’ll try a few more starling sample projects, but it does look like a starling issue to me so far

I just tried with the particle demo from starling samples, it behaves the same as the features demo : runs fine as long as you keep the mouse out of the demo window, crashes immediately otherwise (if you are recording session with HxScout)