Starling 2 mask not working with starling.display.Image


I try to use a mask in Starling 2 but is not working

Actual result :

Expected result :

my project :


It work with a Quad but not with an Image( texture ) when I export to html5 ?
(AS3 class)

I will try and take a look

I think I have your code building, but I don’t have the same image. Would you mind sharing the image you are using as your first texture, and where/how it is named? Thanks :slight_smile:


image name : “rect_red.png” (for the mask)

Okay, I have it compiling. Thank you for your help

If anyone wants to test this, here’s a basic Startup class that works with the above MainClass (so long as you change it from textures[1] to textures[0])


import openfl.display.Sprite;
import openfl.utils.Assets;
import starling.core.Starling;
import starling.textures.Texture;
import starling.utils.AssetManager;

class Startup extends Sprite {
	private var starling:Starling;
	public function new () {
		super ();
		starling = new Starling (Game, stage);
		starling.addEventListener (Event.ROOT_CREATED, function () {
			var assets = new AssetManager ();
			assets.addTexture ("img_rect_red", Texture.fromBitmapData (Assets.getBitmapData ("assets/img_rect_red.png")));
			var game:Game = cast starling.root;
			game.start (assets);
		starling.start ();

You’re right, the mask appears to crop properly (as a texture) on the Flash target, but not on the other targets. This will require a deeper dive into the rendering code

sorry, img_rect is in spritesheet (textures[1])