Somehow 3 DocumentClass objects are created in Debug, Windows target (OpenFL 3.0.6)

Basically Main.hx is created 3 times at startup on Window, Debug target. Flash target works fine. Didn’t happen with OpenFL 2.2.8.

Also calling Assets.exists(“myasset”) returns false on first time, however returns true on second and third times. :smile:

Anyone has any ideas? :smile:

Never-mind, hacked around the issue to test the project:

  1. Bitmap generation from SWF is broken.
  2. 16fps instead of 60fps.
  3. “Could not initialize FreeType”.
  4. Buttons not working.
  5. "Graphics.lineBitmapStyle is not implemented."

I guess it’s far from done. :smile:

Will go back to 2.2.8, it’s been pretty good so far.

So… how do i exactly run “haxelib run openfl setup” to force OpenFL 2.2.8 setup with lime 2.2.2 and not latest version? :smile:

Double nevermind. I didn’t revert swf library. openfl 2.2.8 + lime 2.2.2 + swf 1.8.2 = win.

Were you using the latest everything (and if so, what version) and what platform were you targeting?

If it did not behave as expected, does adding -Dlegacy help?

I used Haxe Library Manager 3.1.0-rc.4. Installed newest OpenFL 3.0.6 and ran haxelib run openfl setup, which installed latest libraries (probably). Didn’t try “-Dlegacy” though. I know this doesn’t help much, however i have to complete 60fps mobile game demo pretty soon, so i have to stick with performance, stability and predictability and OpenFL 2.2.8 seems to deliver it :slight_smile:

OpenFL 3.x with -Dlegacy uses the OpenFL 2.x codebase :wink: