Some forum stuff

  • How do you delete a post?
  • What’s up with these Emojis BTW, super creepy :open_mouth:

Underneath your post, you should (or at least I do?) get a couple dots, if you click them it should expand a couple extra options for your post, one of which is a trash can to delete it.

Many emoticons are included by default, but I also have a plugin to add additional emoticons that I wanted :success:

Which ones, do you think, are creepy? :philosoraptor:


  • Apparently only you can delete a new topic, so I should be careful with those :smile:
  • Now, just look at the “:)” emoji above: he looks eerie; No one is this happy.
  • And this :open_mouth: face is like:

It might be a permissions thing. Discourse works by slowly giving new users extra permissions as they contribute to the forum (unlike other forum tech that measures mostly by post number, in discourse, even just reading it is the first step to moving from total newbie to basic user).

So if you’re an old contributor I’m sure Joshua might be able to bump your privileges and maybe that’ll let you delete stuff.

Or maybe it won’t let you delete it once you have a reply, or perhaps it will let you delete a response to a post, but won’t let you remove an entire post

Oh, and I’m that happy :wink:

I don’t want kill anyone’s buzz, I just think :slight_smile: is a gross over response for what should be a solid smile :blush:

Totally understand :blush: