[SOLVED] How to access alpha property of a MovieClip exported from Flash?


i am trying to add some fade in effect to my menu items with Actuate .

the menu items are objects of a Class [MovieClip exported from Flash] , the problem is i am not getting alpha prop:
to make it fade.

        for (i in 0...menuArray.length)
			var navItem:MenuItem = new MenuItem();
			navItem.name = menuArray[i];
			navItem.x = navItem.width * i;
			navItem.y = 10;
			**navItem.alpha = 0;**
			navItem.buttonMode = true;
			navItem.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onNavHandler);

			Actuate.tween(navItem, 1, { **alpha: 1**, y: 0 } ).ease(Quad.easeIn).repeat().reflect();

i also noticed that i can’t access it in the Main class too or any class which is extending Sprite or MovieClip.
what to do ? plz help :slight_smile:

Which version of OpenFL are you using? What do the imports at the top of each file look like (for importing MovieClip and Sprite). What is the error?

Hi David!

it’s working now i can access alpha property.

i deleted the bin exported files and after compiling again it worked .