[SOLVED] C++ Build very slow

First of all sorry my english, i’m brazilian.

Well, i’m trying build examples to windows (C++) but takes a very long time (I have a slow machine). There’s a way to prebuild lime and openfl (all files have a size of 15,8MB) to reduce build time?

Thanks advance

It should cache the objects after the first time you build. Building a second time will run faster. You can try HTML5, Flash, AIR and Neko targets as well, which have faster build times (though generally slow runtime performance). There is also an HXCPP_COMPILE_CACHE environment variable you can define, that (I believe) will create a global C++ cache directory, so building similar projects (such as two projects using the same OpenFL version) will benefit from each other’s cache :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried and it works.