[SOLVED] Build openfl 4.1+ on 32 bit Ubuntu

I had a hard time figuring out how to compile my projects with openfl 4.3.

It turned out that the new android build tools 24.0.1 are only supplying 64bit executables. Which resulted in aapt exit code 2.

Delete the contents of “build-tools/24.0.1” and put in all the files from "build-tools/23.0.3"
Adjust the package.xml (bottom of the file) to look like 24.0.1 (path/revision)

Is this fixed in newer Android tools?

I think i tried 24.0.2 and 24.0.3 and it was the same.
Sorry, cant recall exactly what i tried, it was a lot.

It looks more like they did it on purpose starting with 24.
Except i messed stuff up - which might be possible, because the last days have been a mess trying so many different settings/combinations.

Easier option: edit this line

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