[SOLVED] Build for Mac OS X x32 & x64

Faced with the fact that the build compiled for Mac OS run in a virtual machine in Windows, but crash on a real Mac.
Somebody met such bug?
Also I tried to compile build for x32 Mac by “openfl test project mac -32”.
But during the compilation in the compiler’s lines was such params as -m64 and -DHXCPP_M64, that prompted the thoughts that something is going wrong.
As a result:
Error : Null Function Pointer
How to fix this bugs?

I would recommend sticking with 64-bit Mac builds, Apple has pretty much deprecated anything that’s 32-bit quite severely, so I think 64-bit should get you to pretty much all users

What version of OS X is the real Mac running? What kind of computer?

Oh, it’s because of my weak knowledge of Mac OS. I’ve archived the application as a folder and the executable part was broken. Now the problem is solved :slight_smile: