Sockets, can't seem to get it to work

Was testing:

but the lib though it communicates to something like echotool for testing, doesn’t connect to its own listener, and this is using the libs own example code… I may be going insane.

Is there any piece of working code I can look at that shows a simple server and a client connecting and sending some text ? Even if it is not using this lib. I’m up for everything and 48 away from madness, or as I call it, deadline.

All the stuff I found is way old and from Haxe help, don’t know why there isn’t more on this, or maybe I am just missing it.
Thanks for reading.


but this is somehow depending on a while loop that crashes when running.

…and now hitting this.

Its obvious I’m miles off from current implementation and can’t seem to find a working one.
If someone has some link, please do share.

… still at it, found this
wich seems to work as is, only for the neko target, going to see if I can use the cpp Thread instead and if it plays nice in openfl, then try to send strings across the wires. No clue where this is going. Fingers crossed.