Setup for Mac, do I have to pay first?

I tried this:

mac:client Apple$ sudo openfl setup mac

But I got:

Download and install Apple Xcode? [y/n/a] ? y
You must purchase Xcode from the Mac App Store or download using a paid
member account with Apple.

I typed y to proceed, the installed must detect that xCode already installed, right?
As I already have xCode 6.1 installed, do I have to have a paid member account? I just want to start testing…

No, you do not need a paid membership anymore. It used to be like that till a few months ago, though.

i think you have to install xcode 7

And when you install it, install as well the command line tools for xcode (I forgot how or where to do it), then open xcode at least once to accept the license.


I have installed Xcode 7.01, but in the documents, they say what’s new in Xcode 6!
Any way doesn’t it work on Xcode 6? also why the installer does not detect that Xcode is already installed?

If you have Xcode installed, then you’re ready to go, “openfl setup” is just a helper function, it doesn’t check if you’re environment is already setup :slight_smile:

Thank you for clarification :smile: