Resize HTML canvas noScale options

I am drawing some bar graphs. When the window resize, I dont want it to change scale…but also I would like to be able to resize the canvas area to the size needed. If there are 100 bars I need 500px width, if there are 20 bars I need 100px width.

Currently if I resize the canvas to twice its size the graphics get drawn at half their size.

Any ideas?

You should have some options using <window resizable="false" /> in the project.xml, or using a custom HTML template that changes the size of your element. You can also provide a pre-created canvas element instead of a DIV element if you prefer

had no discernible effect so I went into the source and happily found what I was trying for.

lime/backend/html5/HTML5Application.hx line 343. I changed
parent.window.backend.handleResize ();
if(parent.window.resizable) parent.window.backend.handleResize ();

Not sure if that breaks other things though

Can this get added to the trunk? I dont usually use Git for lime/Openfl