Removed posting #3

Thanks for ignore to me :frowning:


I’m not currently up-to-date with with my versions of OpenFL and Lime (I’m using 3.5.3 & 2.8.2) and it’s been a while since I tested the examples - sorry.

Which version of Away3D are you using? Also, what target are you targetting :wink: Are you using -Dlegacy? If so can you try without that option.

I’ve just tried my local version which has additional changes and it seems to work ok for HTML -Ddom and cpp (on OSX - not tried windows).



I am using Away3D 1.2.0

Why do you not check video?? That is native window as target. I think you don’t know Windows 7 Pro x64

Before no updates Openfl 3.6.0 and lime 2.9.0 with target Windows with -Dlegacy

But I can not understand how do I downgrade if you think default normal version like nme, openfl, away3d?