Recreating effect

Hi there again. I wanted to recreate this effect with OpenFL, since we now have hardware filters, but I’m having problems. The filters are working great when applied to DisplayObjects but doesn’t seem to work at all on BitmapData, which makes this effect really hard to achieve. What’s up? And is there any alternative way to achieve the same effect?

How well does it perform when using copyPixels, as the original does?

I’m still learning about how an effect like this can be done using shaders :slight_smile:

Well filters(atleast ColorMatrixFilter) does nothing when used through bitmapdata.applyfilter(), took a peek at the source for applyfilter and it’s weird. Copypixels seem to work just fine but then I only want to draw a single bitmap so it should be just fine performance-wise.

Clarification: The regular old filters does not work at all on CPP.

All I would need is some buffer that isn’t cleared every frame and a shader that just apply an alphamodifier on every pixel. I guess I could just do a manual loop as a workaround for now with setpixel or something similar.

You could also do this with multiple Bitmap instances, with alpha values?

Maybe, but right now I’ve abandoned any thoughts of doing pixel manipulation. I’m creating trails with multiple small sprites instead, not as smooth but seems to be performing much better.