Recommended SDK & JDK for Android devices?

While installing OpenFL/Lime it recommended I install JDK 6, but that library is not supported anymore (and hard to find the download link unless you have it saved like I did).

Should we still use JDK 6, switch to JDK 7 - or upgrade all the way to the latest JDK 8? Also, which Android version should we target? Currently I’m targeting 4.4.2 (19) because that was the lowest one I could install. If I target the latest version of Android, is it backwards compatible? Or should I target the lowest version of Android?


Target the latest version of Android (or at least a recent one), and set minimum-sdk-version if you want backwards compatibility.

Which version of JDK should I be using? 6, 7, or 8?

I’ve been using JDK 7 without issues. Haven’t tried JDK 8 yet, but it’s probably fine too.