Processing samples from an AudioBuffer

An AudioBuffer has a data member of type UInt8Array holding the audio data. What format is this data, and how can I do signal processing on it?
I’ve tried around a bit with loading a stereo .ogg file, and it seems that each sample is 16 bits, so 2 bytes in the array. Is this always the case or does it depend on the source file? Can I read the samples into, say, a Vector<Float>, using readShort, readFloat or something similar?
I would appreciate any help! :slight_smile: I’m using OpenFL 3.6.1.

Nevermind, I figured it out :slight_smile: For anyone else having this question: Look at OGG.cpp and the documentation of ov_read. You can see that it’s always 16-bit, so readShort is correct. Depending on whether Lime was compiled with HXCPP_BIG_ENDIAN defined, you have to set the same endianness on your BytesArray. The missing piece for me was to set it to little endian. Just try the two and see which one works for you.
This works with OGG and 16-bit WAV files. You get values between -32767 and 32768 which you can convert to a -1…+1 range, and back later before writing them to the byte array again.

24- and 32- bit WAV are different, but I’m not interested in these right now.

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