Problems displaying SVG illustrations (Flash & HTML5 targets)


Thanks for the tip. It helped for some svg.

But still some simple svg don’t work. For example.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<svg width="128" height="128" enable-background="new 0 0 97.8 97.8" version="1.1" viewBox="0 0 128 128" xmlns="" xmlns:cc="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:rdf="">
   <cc:Work rdf:about="">
    <dc:type rdf:resource=""/>
 <path d="M90.567 84.563c0 .498-.231.965-.625 1.265l-39.18 30.124c-.288.221-.628.329-.974.329-.339 0-.675-.105-.964-.32-.574-.433-.823-1.211-.521-1.867l7.879-19.941v-.846c-.362.039-.723.064-1.095.064v-.074l-45.061-.1.178-79.384 102.725-.036v19.669l-83.469-.23v40.299l26.189.113-7.346-18.599c-.266-.667-.051-1.431.521-1.864.572-.433 1.367-.429 1.937.01l39.178 30.12c.395.307.626.77.626 1.267z" fill="#009e73"/>


But on flash it appears as


Try saving as Plain SVG (*.svg) in this case. :wink:


Didn’t work. I had to simplify paths to make the svg work.