Problem creating AssetManifest using parse of json


That’s an interesting idea. I guess, Assets.loadLibrary assumes it will know the location of the library already, since it has already been registered.

Lime has an AssetLibrary.loadFromFile method that does take a rootPath property. The idea here is when a standalone library has been created.

I suppose we need more tooling to make it simpler to generate asset libraries on the fly, so that it is easier to load this way. openfl process my.swf will create a standalone library, but currently we lack tools to do the same for other library types


I was able to load a library from another server through AssetLibrary.loadFromFile.
There was a problem with onProgress event though: it was reporting bytes loaded / total for the manifest, not for the library itself.
What can be done about it?


Hmm, this seems like an issue with how we are using promises

Chaining multiple promises allows us to provide on final onComplete result, or to bubble an onError result if there is a problem along the way. However, the first step in the chain does not know the progress for future steps in the chain. This seems like a design problem, I’m not sure of the best way to resolve it


Ok, hope you add rootPath to OpenFL’s loadLibrary someday.

It would be logical if Lime’s loadFromManifest also accepted rootPath, this could solve the issue above (we load a manifest, parse it to count total bytes of the assets, then use it to load library from the location we chose).

Edit #3: I found out, that loaded manifest’s parameters (as well as root path) can be changed, so this is a solution!