Possible to add "optional" to dependency framework linker?

Using Stencyl with OpenFl I’m not sure if it’s currently possible to add an “optional” tag to a framework linker. For example

<dependency name="AdSupport.framework" if="ios" />

would need to be optional so something more like

<dependency name="AdSupport.framework" status="optional" if="ios" />

Is something like this currently possible? Stencyl doesn’t allow modification of the xcode project as it just rewrites any changes made.

Sorry if this is a silly question


Would you like it to be optional, if the user does not have it installed, or optional, if you build differently?

Often, people use extensions to add certain features (like ads), these extensions can have their own “include.xml” files to extend the user’s project, as a result, only if you include the ad extension (for example) would it want to link an ad framework. Similarly, the if and unless attributes support logic, like:

<dependency name="AdSupport.framework" if="ios ads" />


<dependency name="AdSupport.framework" if="ios" unless="disable_ad_framework" />

These can be done using either -Ddefine while building (like openfl test ios -Dads) or using a <set name="" /> tag will also make variables for if/unless logic

You could also use <templates path="templates" />, and include your own Xcode project template. The templates are designed to work like a class path, so if it finds the same file in a higher-precedence template path, it prefers that one. You should be able to use an Xcode template from Stencyl, tweak it, then include it in your own template path, just so long as the file and directory structure are similar