Porting Large AS3 Project To Open FL

Hi There,

I hope that I am posting this in the correct area, and that some of you can provide some clarity please.

We have spent the past few years developing a large project in Flash, no only to be told by the ‘boss’ that they don’t want to use Flash on their website anymore and want HTML5.

From my understanding Open FL is our best option in this regard.

I know that Open FL has been around for many years already, my only concern as with most technology is whether Open FL is going to be around for many years to come?

Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, however, with the amount of time we have put into our Flash Project we need to ensure that our port will continue working for at least a few years more using Open FL.

Do you think it will?

Kind Regards

The great news with OpenFL being open-source is that what you build today will never go away. There won’t be a point where old versions of OpenFL have been revoked, and you can no longer build your project.

I have been working on OpenFL (and earlier iterations of the concept) since 2009, and I believe that OpenFL has only gotten better, more stable and better supported over the years.

OpenFL is written in 100% Haxe code, so if you learn Haxe (which should not be difficult for an ActionScript developer) you’ll be able to make improvements to OpenFL as well, if you want or need to in the future. However, many other developers are using OpenFL, so as a community I expect it only grow and mature further.

Since Flash Player is closed source, when Adobe does not support a new platform, it is no longer possible to move that functionality to a new platform, or to fix issues. OpenFL is intentionally open to avoid this problem :grinning: