Playing too many videos crashes for excessive memory usage

In a pickle here. Trying to load around 30 videos dynamically that will be launched on keycode, problem is I can’t seem to be able to swap/release the memory previously used from the videos played and it all blows up when flashplayer hits around 1 gig ram.
If someone could throw a bone. Panic mode is on.

I would try and make a simple test application, try and make it as simple as possible. Does remove event listeners, destroying objects, calling dispose() where applicable or any other steps allow a video to be released?

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Fixed that, now am getting
"Error: The input swf bin/flash/debug/obj/assets.swf is corrupted"
major panic minus 15 hours. :open_mouth:

Have you tried deleting it and rebuilding?

If so, check any assets you recently added for anything weird. Also, keep in mind that something might have ended up in your assets folder without you noticing. (For instance, Flash Pro is known to create cache files whenever it notices a font file.)

And if nothing pops out at you, try removing assets until it compiles. Obviously it won’t run correctly without your assets, but at least you’ll find out which one is the problem.


That fixed it. Thanks player_03.
In my case it was two set of png files named in sequences of eight.