Out of memory error when building html5

Hi !

I’ve encountered an issue, i get the following error when i try to build for html5:
Error: alloc.c(180) : out of memory

I used the -v argument and it seems the issue occurs when processing the swf.
Sometimes it’s when creating the folders inside “Export/html5/release/obj/libraries/”.

It must be because i added movieclips with glowfilters as “export as bitmap” since i can’t do it via code, at the moment the swf is around 19.5 Mo.
Is there any way to increase the memory for the build ?

I’m currently using openfl 5.1.2 and lime 5.0.3

Thanks :slight_smile: !

Can you tell how much memory it is using before it runs out?

I tried multiple times, it seems to shut down when using between 1.5 and 1.6go memory, but my system has something like 3go more available memory.

Windows 32bit version?

No :, i’m on a windows 10 64 bits version 1607.

It sounds like I need to work on the SWF exporter code to use less memory when working with certain SWFs. Does openfl process path/to/swf work, or does that run out of memory as well?

It also runs out of memory, here’s the log:

Called from ? line 1
Called from Tools.hx line 558
Called from Tools.hx line 594
Called from format/SWF.hx line 21
Called from format/SWF.hx line 42
Called from format/swf/SWFRoot.hx line 18
Called from format/swf/SWFRoot.hx line 41
Called from format/swf/SWFRoot.hx line 184
Called from format/swf/SWFRoot.hx line 196
Called from format/swf/SWFRoot.hx line 256
Called from format/swf/SWFData.hx line 855
Called from openfl/utils/ByteArray.hx line 588
Called from lime/utils/compress/Zlib.hx line 63
Called from lime/_backend/native/NativeCFFI.hx line 169
Uncaught exception - alloc.c(180) : out of memory