OpenFl performance abysmal on Mac C++ target


Probably. Btw, I also checked with current NME and it behaves similar, if that information helps.


Could this be relevant? A SDL version using Metal on the Mac?


This is an older version of macOS and Windows, but these numbers seem relevant

Does anyone know debuggers/profilers for OpenGL on macOS?


I’ve seen this article, but I would not expect 7x-10x worse CPU time than on Windows, normal and in VM.

As to profiling, Xcode has one, but I never used it before. Btw, it’s somewhat broken in Xcode8: You should be able to run it by enabling remote profiling from the preferences (checkbox is disabled while you don’t set a password). Once enabled, you should be able to connect to it (even from same machine) and attach profiler to the running application you want to debug. I’ll probably try it myself.


I was about to ask about Lime and Metal support on macOS, but I doubt @singmajesty has time to work on it and I don’t know, whether there are enough Lime users targeting macOS to make it worth it. So I guess until someone doesn’t do it, it won’t be done. But that would be another topic.


Given Apple’s announcement of deprecating OpenGL, does that increase the priority of having Metal support (or is that in there already?)


It does offer the option of using ANGLE -> MoltenVK -> Metal, but I’m not sure. We might up the importance of writing a Vulkan renderer, and then using MoltenVK on macOS