OpenFL Flash games compiled for AIR?

Hi !

I am having really big problems with making some old games I made work on desktop platform.
Flash version works fine, but on desktop there is lot of problems, and I cannot finance the development needed to make it work.
So I am wondering, is there any way that I get working AIR app from this ? I would really like to release this games on Steam. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hi! The idea isn’t to use the AIR compiler to build Haxe->Flash converted code to desktop apps, but instead to use the Haxe/OpenFL compilers to build Haxe->C++ converted code to desktop apps.

Imports of flash namespace classes are supposed to resolve to openfl namespace, so I think the main issue would be differences in the Flash API when you made the games and today’s OpenFL API.

What problems are you getting when building for desktop?

Yeah I understand that is the idea, but because I have so many problems and no time to do this because already other projects are waiting, I was hoping to find another solution. So AIR is not a option at all ?

There are different problems in each of projects, connected with rendering, drawing on bitmaps, lag, urlloaders and many other things that are not just connected with openfl, but also with different frameworks that work / don’t work depending on the platform. So fixing all this would take huge amount of time.

All this games work perfectly on Flash target.
So if AIR is possibility, that would be perfect solution.

Once your SWF is built you can use that with the AIR command line tools to package your game using AIR. I’ve done this before but can’t remember the exact process. It’s no different to any other flash game though - you just use the OpenFL generated SWF instead of the Flash generated one.

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That’s right, Adobe’s ADT can package SWF’s into desktop apps, APK’s and IPA’s, nice!

Thanks !

I managed to pack the game to AIR in way that user doesn’t require AIR, but there is .exe and .swf packed into .msi installation file.

Though what I notice is that game doesn’t run so smooth, it’s a bit slower.

Have you already tried -Dlegacy?


I tried now adding set name=“openfl-legacy” to .xml file.
After fixing some String / TextFormatAlign errors, I was able to run the game.

URLLoaders now work ! Also, I managed to fix rendering in second game, but this wasn’t connected with legacy, but with framework, framePixels are null on Windows.

One of the games still freezes when bullet is shot, I will try to use profiler to see what is exactly happening here because there is no errors thrown by debugger, and I am even using crashdumper. Usually on Flash after 30 seconds there was a timeout, and it would show what is going on.


Using legacy should help you get over the finish line for now, I want to know what issues you were having that prevented the newer code from working, but by all means, sometimes you just need to ship :wink:

I would also use trace messages to get an idea of where the code went before it stopped