Openfl BunnyMark is way too slow

I have 2 questions
I tested bunnymark
Openfl BunnyMark is way too slow , after one single click(500 bunnies) , fps drops to 20
1200 bunnies drops to 8 fps (neko) ,and mac target is also slow
but lime - bunnymark is super fast , after 2000 bunnies still about 60fps (neko)
why ? this is question 1

question2 : is there a way to hide the black window when you use openfl test neko , there is 2 windows (on windows system)


Neko is known to be slow, try HTML5 or C++.

There should not be two windows, what version of Windows are you using?

EDIT: Maybe the two windows is caused by Neko, it should be only one window on C++. You just need to install Visual Studio Community with support for Win32 C++

Thank for your reply singmajesty
I’m using osx 10.13.4 , and windows 7 (vmware on mac)
yes ,I can’t test target - windows ,I don’t why untill you mentioned Visual Studio Community ,thanks , I will try it later
about 2 windows (the black window behind the neko window), it’s not a real problem , just a little bit annoying.

and maybe I found a bug ? when you test flash target , you click the “sa-flashplayer window frame” , the MOUSE_DOWN event just fires , it’s adding bunny , and MOUSE_UP not , I think this is bug (mac osx , windows flashplayer not tested)