OpenFL 9.3.0 and Lime 8.1.0 Release

As I recall, there isn’t a consistent way to detect that the file dialog displayed by FileReference has been cancelled on the html5 target. The current implementation in FileReference can detect certain situations where 0 files are selected, but not necessarily when the Cancel button is clicked. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t think it can be made any better than it currently is.

Damn… you’re right, I thought it was working with FileReference because it has some code where it dispatches Event.CANCEL but It doesn’t seem to dispatch it when cancelling the file dialog.

… I guess I have some changes to do ^^

should I close/remove the issue I just opened ?

I copied the basic Event.CANCEL implementation from FileReference to FileReferenceList and closed the issue.

sounds good, thanks Josh

Thank you for your hard work! :heartpulse:

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Excellent! Very happy to hear about the new releases.

By the way, is Starling working with Hashlink target?

Following the guides:

openfl create starling:demo

I was able to run the demo in windows, flash and html targets in VSCode, but it does not work with Hashlink target (which is the one I need).

The following error appears:

"Can't cast String to i32"

In Reflect.hx, this error happens in line 83:

return hl.Api.callMethod(func, a);

func: fun(ManifestResources.hx:128)

Stack shows error comes from Execute.hx, method execute() : case -1: Reflect.callMethod(func, func, args); on line line 53.

I got: starling: [2.7.0] openfl: [9.3.1] lime: [8.1.0] hxcpp: [4.3.2]

It will be great if Starling runs on Hashlink target. Is that possible? Any ideas for me to try here?



Hi bruno,

I didn’t follow HashLink target status with OpenFL : is it officially supported now ? If it is, I’ll do my best to fix any Starling issue on this target.

Yes. Please try to ensure that Starling works on HashLink.

Will do, I should be able to look into it sometime this week


Thank you! I’ll try to get an update out right away once you get it working.

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Great! Thanks, Matse and Josh!

Starling 2.7.1, which works on HashLink target, is available on OpenFL’s github GitHub - openfl/starling: The "Cross-Platform Game Engine", a popular Stage3D framework

Haxelib version should follow soon


It is very nice to hear about it. Great news! Thanks!