Openfl 4.8.1 : Preloader error load assets cause stopping loading at html5

I am seeing Preloader.hx:190: Error loading asset “sounds/achievement.ogg” but the file it there.

Could you please run openfl upgrade and see if the new release we made helps? Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m working with Stein, he is trying that now :slight_smile:

I already tried the new version 4.9.0 but still got same error :frowning:

If you do a -verbose build, does it say what kind of asset it is loading your file as? Is it type TEXT, or BINARY, or something else?

…and the file definitely exists?

Did you say this is browser specific, or do all browsers fail to load this file?

Yes, the file definitely exists.

And here’s the test result online (I test it with window 7 64-Bit, 3 browser : IE, Firefox, and chrome):
1. IE - 5 times reload = 5x error type TEXT (.json) with different file

2 Firefox - 5 times reload = 1x error a lot of file type and 4x success

3 Chrome - 5 times reload = no error always success

But If I test it localhost, almost always successfull in 3 browser. Except IE and FF from 10 times try localhost maybe only 1x error.

I hope this information helpfull.


I have two theories

Text appears to be loaded as bytes. Loading this many files as bytes instead of text might be causing trouble. Another possibility is that using this many requests at once (we don’t limit the number of requests at one time) doesn’t work for some browsers. Perhaps it’s a combination of both.

Is there a test project (private links are okay) I could use to reproduce the problem? Local host works though, you said?

Yes, almost working fine for all browser, like I said from 10x try maybe only 1x error or no at all (IE and Firefox).

Chrome always okay.

And I already message the private links my test project.

I just made a commit that may help

It uses text-based loading for TEXT assets, in the course of rewriting all of this, Assets.loadText was going through bytes first, which isn’t as optimal for the browser.

I made another change (as well) which may help forward more error information if an asset does not load.

If this doesn’t resolve it, the next step will be to throttle our asset loading so we limit the number of active requests at once

Can you give me a link to get the update file? Because the latest version of openfl still 4.9.0.

You can download and replace the file manually, if you want:

After update AssetLibrary.hx, I still get the same error like before : (test it with win 7 64Bit, IE Browser)

Also, I already upload the new project that already using update AssetLibrary.hx again. Same link.

Tracking here:

I tried to update it with openfl 4.9.1 and lime 4.0.1. But I still get same error on IE.

Also I tried it localhost sometimes get same error too.

I’ve added a queue in development builds, this should probably help fix this issue

Please give it a try if you can :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update. But It’s still get same error on IE while online testing. you can try it with the same link.

I just uploaded a test that appears to be working for me.

Could you give it a try?

Thanks :grinning:

Yes, it’s work. Is there any update? :slight_smile:

Okay, either this is caused by the fixes I have made in the development builds, or it’s due to a different server, but let’s assume its the development builds :wink:

Now that I know that it helps with this issue, hopefully a new release will come soon!

Do you mean a queue in development build above? Or there is a new update again?

Because I already try to update the lime/_backend/html5/HTML5HTTPRequest.hx and upload it to different server but I still get the same error.