Openfl 4.5.2 : android random crash

The error dissappear after I update it to version 4.7.3.

But the there is another bug, function “stopImmediatePropagation” not working properly. It should prevent back button in android.

Try event.preventDefault ()

I found another error regarding simplebutton.hx at openfl 4.8.1 (html5 build)

If I addEventListener MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER / MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT
into simplebutton class type. I always getting error like this :

I have fix the problem by update the openfl.display.DisplayObject.hx

into :

I hope this information help.

Thank you! I just committed a fix here. Does SimpleButton work properly for you after patching this, or did it just stop throwing errors?

Sure… It’s work fine now and no more error.

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